50 Amp Rackmount PDU 240V 12000W

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This PDU is manufactured by OIT, a trusted manufacturer in the mining community.  The thick 8 AWG cord is mated to an L6-50P connector. 

Unit is equipped with a 63A breaker, meaning that it is rated for 50 Amps of continuous use if wired directly from your panel into the PDU.  If utilizing this installation, the maximum continuous usage at 240V is  12,000W.  This would allow for up to 4,000W per C19 plug.  This would allow for 3 new gen miners to be installed typically.

The installed connector is an L6-50P, which has a 50 amp rating.  If using the L6-50P connector, the maximum continuous use is 40 Amps as indicated on the label.  If utilizing this installation method, the maximum continuous usage at 240V is 9,600W.  This would allow for up to 3,200W per C19 plug.  Since most new gen miners are greater than 3,200W ,  this would only allow for 2 miners to be plugged in and ran at full power.

Before purchasing this PDU, we highly recommend that you verify the capacity of this PDU with your electrician to ensure that it will handle the equipment that you intend to use.  Specifically when using Antminer products, note that the actual wattage tends to be higher than it’s advertised wattage.  For example, we have seen many of the new S21 models operate at 3700W, although they are advertised at 3500W.  Whatsminer models are normally very close to their advertised wattage.  If you have questions about using specific models with this PDU, please contact us and we can help guide you.


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